How to Buy Color Contacts Online without Prescription in USA

Contact lenses whether prescription or cosmetic are regulated by FDA in United States. By law, you are not supposed to sell contact lenses without a valid prescription. Not only color contacts sold in bricks and mortar stores are expensive but are also limited in variety. Since cosmetic lenses are classified as medical devices, they need to pass through stringent policy before they are made available to the general public. This elevates the prices & makes contact lenses unaffordable for half of the population. Buy color contacts online without having to show your prescription.


Why Buy Color Contacts Online?

You can decide where you want to buy your contacts from. If you decide to buy color contacts online for vision correction make sure your doctor provides you a copy of your prescription. He is bound to provide you the copy without making you pay an extra fee. Color contacts online are usually cheaper than what you pay at the optometrist due to several factors playing the role.

However, being them less at price must not get you into thinking they are of any less quality. True, not all online stores are created equal, therefore, buy color contacts online only through reputable sellers & stores. Do the necessary homework before you actually invest your money.


Evaluation of Online Stores


  • Size & Stability

Size matters- first & foremost if it is huge & globally famed store then you are definitely covered. You don’t want to take your business to a basement operation because in future you might need to return & exchange your product. Big stores are more stable and they have the readiest stock available that cuts down on the processing time.

Whereas small home-based stores only apply for inventory after they receive enough orders from customers. However, keep in mind in case of complex prescription even the huge stores might not have your lenses available in stock because contact lenses come in an array of designs, diameters, power, curvature etc.


We suggest you buy contact lenses online from stores that have contact lens manufacturers at the back as support system such as Lensupermart. Lensupermart is a supplier that source color contacts online for you directly via manufacturer. Boasting a huge collection they stock almost every prescription from myopia to hyperopia & astigmatism. You can even buy color contacts online for presbyopia & what more, place custom order to meet your specific vision correction needs.


  • Compare Prices

Although online stores offer competitive prices you can look up for value-added stuff. Some online retailers add up enough freebies to win the customers besides keeping their prices low than the market. However, don’t be trapped in the third party reviews about the particular store is nothing encouraging.


Lensupermart is an affiliate store on Uniqso that has already buildup credibility and customers trust. In case you have had no luck finding color contacts online in your prescription you can give Lensupermart a try today!

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