Are there High Power Color Contacts for Hard-to-Fit Eyes?

Toric contact lenses high power contacts

If you are here, you might have already heard that you have got hard-to-fit eyes. Fortunately, it does not necessarily mean you cannot wear contact lenses. You would be surprised to find how much contact lens industry have upped their game with latest advancements in the past decade. Earlier, people with complex prescriptions would only rely on spectacles to correct their vision. Today, we are lucky to be able to draw benefits from high power color contacts for hyperopia, myopia and even for hard-to-fit eyes such as keratoconus, presbyopia, astigmatism & dry eyes.

What is the Highest Power Available in Contact Lenses?

The maximum power available in contact lenses is more than -20 Diopters. Some vial lenses can go further over -30 D. Patients with high vision correction needs often feel low of their appearance due to thick glasses they can’t seem to get rid of. With high power color contacts they can effortlessly correct their refractive error even with their strongest prescription. It is advisable you consult your eye doctor and discuss about the possibility of switching your glasses with color contacts for maintaining enhanced visual acuity.

Do High Power Color Contacts feel Comfortable in Eyes?

Unfortunately high power color contacts may feel a bit thicker in eyes than the low prescription contacts. Not all contact lenses are the same thickness. The higher the prescription, the thicker is the material and the worst is the oxygen permeability. People may feel eye strain and headaches with high power color contacts. However, talking to their doctor will help find the right material of contact lenses for stronger prescriptions.

With silicone hydrogel high power color contacts you can significantly improve the DK value. (The amount of the oxygen that passes through the lens under the given circumstances) Silicone allows oxygen transmission whereas hydrogel absorbs and water and locks it in. Silicone Hydrogel high power color contacts are great for extended wear or continual wear since the amount of oxygen that passes through is substantial and is important to keeping your eyes hydrated.

Why is it Difficult to find Color Contacts with Astigmatism?

Although very common, it is difficult to find color contacts for astigmatism. Astigmatism is not a disease but a refractive index error that makes vision distorted at all distances. It is caused by an irregular shape of cornea that is more cylindrical than spherical. Since contacts meant to correct astigmatism carries two values i.e. both hyperopia or myopia and cylindrical; it gets difficult to produce lenses as the prescription may get even stronger if the patients have complex vision correcting needs such as astigmatism combined with hyperopia or presbyopia.

At Lensupermart, we custom make high prescription color contacts to fit to your needs. All you need to do is to schedule your appointment with a licensed eye doctor & grab your prescription from him. Scan and send it to us and we will manufacture vision correcting colored contacts as per your demand no matter how strong your prescription is. We are KFDA approved ensuring no compromise on quality.