Four Vision

Replace the annoying pair of glasses with colored contacts and enjoy the beauty of the world without having to fix your fidgeting glasses. Colored lenses are now the most popular option of vision correction for hyperopia, myopia and astigmatism. Buy captivating designs in high power color contacts from Korea and enjoy falling in love with your upgraded look.

Approved from KFDA, high power color contacts give you liberty from thick and ugly looking glasses. Browse through the selection of natural looking colored contacts that make your eyes look bewitching effortlessly. With high water content up to 42%, Four Vision colored contacts boast style, comfort & ease of maintenance. Available in 3 months disposable schedule; the contacts stay hydrating & breathable until it’s time to discard. Ideal for sensitive eyes, our high power color contacts help you regain your lost confidence & freedom to move!

What provides us an edge over other contact lens stores online? The availability of high power. Take a look at our prescription cosplay lenses.