Ideal for sensitive eyes and dry eye syndrome, Silicone Hydrogel contacts offer a material that is moist and breathable. With highest DK value (oxygen permeability), silicone hydrogel contacts retain as much moisture as hyaluronic acid. Furthermore, they allow up to 7 times more oxygen than hydrogel lenses. Unlike high water content lenses that wick away moisture, silicone hydrogel contacts are both hydrophilic and hydrophobic where hydrogel helps locking in moisture and silicone being hydrophobic repels water. Silicone also promotes oxygen flow and resist bacteria accumulation.

Buy MaxLook silicone hydrogel contacts from the collection below. The lenses are KFDA approved where ethereal designs make your eyes look natural yet edgy. Available in high prescription, MaxLook Silicone Hydrogel contacts are also known to stay hydrated for extended wear. More contact lenses available here