7 Fashionable Colored Contact Lenses You Need to Have Now!

Just like how changing the way you dress transforms your overall impression, changing the color of your eyes transforms your overall appearance and aura instantly. Today, colored contact lenses don’t just come in single solid color, but they are available in countless colors, hues and with various creative patterns. These colored contact lenses either accentuate your existing iris color or change it to give it a different, dramatic look. From natural, soft shades to groovy, loud colors, you can easily shift from having hazel brown to electric blue eyes with just a change of colored contact lenses. It is that versatile! 

With so many coloredcontact lenses being sold in the market, choosing your choice of coloredcontact lens can be quite a hassle and time consuming. At the same time, youwant to avoid buying from unauthorized merchants or retailers carryinguncertified colored contact lenses that could be harmful to your eyes. It isalways a wise choice to buy from retailers who carry colored contact lensesthat are certified from trusted authorities, such as Lensupermart. Lensupermart is an online retailer that offers premiumquality, prescription colored contact lenses certified by KFDA and withCE certification. It boasts a huge collection of colored contact lenses includingcolored contacts for astigmatism that are available in high prescription.

If you are a fan ofcolored contact lenses and are constantly on the look-out for quaint or trendycontacts, here are 7 latest fashionable colored contact lenses which include toric(astigmatism) contacts you need to have now:

1. The mysterious violet – Neo Vision Happy Days Violet 

We are loving this latest colored contacts by Neo Vision featuring speckles of yellow and violet squiggles that stretched outwards from the pupil to form a darker violet rim around the lens. If your original iris is dark color, this lens will paint a tinge of bluish purple to the outer rim of your iris, making your eyes look mysterious and enchanting. This pair of contact lens is perfect for a dinner date or an elegant banquet event. The colour is subtle and compliments all types of outfits effortless. This size 14mm contact lens is available in monthly disposable.

2. Rosy Dolly Eyes – ICK Daisy Pink

You’ve always admired the big dolly eyes those anime characters have and wished you can have them too. Well now you can with ICK Daisy Pink, our latest colored contact lens that makes pink the latest trend. It is not always easy to carry pink contact lens because pink is not the natural color of the iris. However, this pair lets you wear pink like a natural. Featuring beautiful sun-burst patterns with subtle pink that blends well with your original iris, this pair of contact lens will create the impression of a big, doll-like eyes without looking fake. For cosplayers, this pink contact lens is perfect for the character Nezuko, the younger sister of Tanjiro Kamado in Demon Slayer.

3. Mysteriously Gorgeous – I-Sha Melo Art Blackberry

You’re never get it wrong with a dark colored contact lens, not if you are wearing I-Sha Melo Art Blackberry. With a diameter that is 0.1mm bigger than the usual 14mm contacts, this blackberry contacts will make your eyes berry delicious and appear bigger too. In addition, its unique bluish grey hue gives your eyes just the right amount of mysterious look without being too overbearing.

4. Go Green with Envy – Neo Vision Toric 3 Tones Green

Being astigmatic doesn’t mean you need to forgo the fun of wearing colored contact lens. Neo Vision’s colored contact lens series comes in charming colors like this 3 tones green toric lens with prescription. Although it’s the normal 14mm contacts size, the darker rim around the green shades gives the illusion of a bigger eyes. The slight kiwi yellow tint in the center makes a unique finishing to your otherwise mundane green colored contacts. Neo Vision Toric 3 Tones Green is available in 3 months disposable period.

5. Mesmerizing Brown – ICK Toric Flow Brown

No more boring colored contacts with ICK Toric colored contacts series. ICK is popular for its diamond-like pattern which makes simple colored contact lens look extraordinary. If you think brown color is too common, this pair of brown colored contacts will let you stand out from the rest. Not your ordinary brown contacts, the soft brown hue blends seamlessly with silvery grey and both colors flow from the center of your pupil towards the outer edge. The seemingly simple patterns actually create an artificial appearance of lights in the eyes. Mesmerize your other half and be the star of the evening with this beautifully crafted toric lens. It has a 40% water content to ensure that your eyes stay comfortable while wearing it.

6. Blue eye angel – ICK Soony Blue

Have you ever seen a blue sunflower? Well you will find a sunflower-like pattern in this quaint blue colored contact lens. This pair can be worn over any original iris color and won’t look out of place. That’s because its floral pattern perfectly harmonizes with your iris so each individual who wears this will create different effect that’s uniquely yours. You will never go wrong with a blue colored contact lens. If blue is not your cup of tea, there are similar patterns in brown and grey too.

7. It’s a whimsical day – ICK Toric Aida Grey

Grey is the latest black in colored contact lens. Wearing grey contact always gives out a slight whimsical charm and this effect is enhanced with ICK’s Aida Grey contacts. Available for contact users with astigmatism, this pair will not disappoint. Featuring just simple fine line patterns, this pair turns your ordinary colored contacts into extraordinary one, while subtly enhanced the overall attractiveness of your eyes. If you don’t fancy being too outrageous yet want to add some element of fun, this grey colored contacts is just what you are looking for.

There you have it, the 7 fashionable colored contact lenses you need to try right now. What more reasons to inject a little colors to your life with the year-end festivities approaching don’t you agree? Head over to Lensupermart for your dose of the trendiest colored contact lens in town. Lensupermart carries various famous brands of prescribed contact lens that include cosmetic, toric, hyperopia and cosplay contacts. There’s a 10% discount if you shop with us for the first time. Enjoy greater savings with our quality contacts now.

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