All About Colored Contact Lenses

  • What You Must Know Colored Contacts For Astigmatism

    If you have astigmatism, your cornea is shaped in a more oblong fashion, and this causes blurry vision and trouble seeing fine details. You will then need toric contact lenses to correct your vision. But before that, there is something you must know before ordering toric contact lenses.
  • 7 Best Fashionable Colored Contact Lenses You Need in 2021

    Just like how changing the way you dress transforms your overall impression, changing the color of your eyes transforms your overall appearance and aura instantly. Today, colored contact lenses don’t just come in single solid color, but they are available in countless colors, hues and with various creative patterns. These colored contact lenses either accentuate your existing iris color or change it to give it a different, dramatic look. From natural, soft shades to groovy, loud colors, you can easily shift from having hazel brown to electric blue eyes with just a change of colored contact lenses. It is that versatile!
  • Can I Get High Prescription Color Contacts for Astigmatism?

    High prescription color contacts in toric help compensate for Astigmatism. It may occur in combination with other refractive index errors. At Lensupermart, we take pride in our toric variety available for both hyperopia and myopia.
  • Contacts For Astigmatsim - What is CYL in Contacts?

    Cylindrical power in your prescription simply indicates your eye doctor has detected astigmatism that is caused by an irregular shape of the cornea. CYL value always comes with an AXIS value that is the degree of the angle of the CYL.
  • Are there Color Contacts High Prescription for Hard-to-Fit Eyes?

    You might have already heard that you have got hard-to-fit eyes. Fortunately, it does not necessarily mean you cannot wear contact lenses. We are lucky to be able to draw benefits from high prescription color contacts for hyperopia, myopia and even for hard-to-fit eyes such as astigmatism & dry eyes.
  • Buy Sharingan Contacts High Prescription

    Are you an avid cosplayer with your major interest in “Naruto”? True is the fact, without a pair of appropriate sharingan cosplay contacts, you cannot bring a character to life. Whenever it’s about Japanese manga series, sharingan becomes the primary subject. It is a particular eye condition that reflects special powers of Uchiha clan.
  • Can I Buy Colored Contacts without Prescription?

    Colored contacts are classified as prosthetic medical devices by USFDA & must meet strict legislation in order to be sold to the end consumer. Although you can still buy colored contacts without prescription online, it is recommended you visit your eye care practitioner once every year & obtain a legit prescription before you invest on monthly or annual supply.