How to Buy Colored Contacts without Prescription?

Colored contacts are classified as prosthetic medical devices by USFDA & must meet strict legislation in order to be sold to the end consumer. Although you can still buy colored contacts without prescription online, it is recommended you visit your eye care practitioner once every year & obtain a legit prescription before you invest on monthly or annual supply.

Do I Need a Prescription even If I don’t Need Vision Correction?

Yes, in some states of the United States, you have to have a prescription in order to purchase contact lenses whether or not you need vision correction. An eye doctor examines your eyes and overall health to evaluate if they can safely tolerate colored contacts. Since colored contacts float directly on the cornea, your tear film needs to be evaluated. Some patients suffer from medical conditions like a tear film imbalance or dirty tear film that makes wearing contact lenses uncomfortable. Fortunately, if you reside outside of United States, you can safely buy colored contacts without prescription online via any reputable store such as Lensupermart that sells an array of colored contacts, cosplay lenses & custom contacts.

Eye Exam is Expensive & I can’t afford it

Worry not, if eye examination is something not covered under your insurance you can try cheaper alternates. Govisibly is an online vision test that makes use of your smartphone and a laptop. It performs a combination of tests & issues prescription for colored contacts and or glasses against a very nominal charge. If it is something out of your interest, buy colored contacts online without prescription for cosplay, fancy dress show & photo shoots.

Online stores offer competitive prices along with throwing several promotions & discounts besides offering coupon codes in order to gain customer trust. However, make sure you don’t end up being a victim of a fake lens supplier. Always make your research, read reviews & follow the word of mouth. Lensupermart is an affiliate site of UNIQSO hence needs no introduction. Buy colored contacts online without prescription & get it to shipped just anywhere around the globe at the fraction of price that you would pay otherwise at your eye care professional.