Can I Get High Prescription Color Contacts for Astigmatism?

Astigmatism is an eye condition that makes vision blurry at all distances. It can take various forms and may combine with either farsightedness, nearsightedness or with both. Astigmatism can be treated with corrective glasses, contact lenses (soft contacts, hard GP and hybrid contact lenses) and with surgery. Choosing between glasses and contact lenses is a personal preference or your eye doctor can help you making the best decision. However, people with Astigmatism who are always looking forward to update their fashion statement rather prefer colored contacts over glasses. At Lensupermart, high prescription color contacts in Toric are available at unbelievably low prices.

Is Astigmatism Hereditary?

Astigmatism runs in families. It may occur anytime in life but usually present at birth. It is a stable condition and may progress very slowly. If may significantly advance in result of an eye injury or after a surgery. Astigmatism is not caused by squinting, reading in dim light or watching TV at a close distance.


Astigmatism is only diagnosed by an eye care professional through a complete eye examination. With Astigmatism, the oblong shape of an eye makes it difficult for the light rays to focus at one point as a result blurred image is formed. Along with blurred vision it causes headaches, squinting, eye strain and dizziness.

I am Highly Nearsighted/Farsighted and or Both. Can I Get High prescription Color Contacts for Astigmatism?

True, there are fewer options available in colored contacts with astigmatism. Since it takes many forms (corneal or lenticular) and may happen in combination with other refractive index errors, it is possible that you might have to opt for glasses as your last option. However, if your astigmatism is mild (0.6 D to 2 D) or moderate astigmatism (2D to 4D) in combination with high myopia/hyperopia you can look for high prescription color contacts or toric lenses. Over 4D is considered significant astigmatism and you might want to talk to your doctor.

Fortunately, you do not need toric lenses if your astigmatism is less than 0.6D. All of us have some degree of astigmatism which does not always interfere with image formation.

Usually patients may need more than one pair of high prescription color contacts with Astigmatism due to complex prescription. Talk to your doctor or browse through toric colored contacts online for brands imported from Korea.

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